Tonight was my last session of the year, and I'm forced to reflect that one thing they don't prepare you for on the course is when working with new runners just how much time you will spend promoting slow cookers.

I've completed it several time, but found it much more enjoyable once I stopped forcing myself to do three miles and accept that 25 minutes is an equally valid target.

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Tomorrow is the first day of , where folks will be every day in December for a minimum of three miles or 25 minutes – which ever comes first.

This morning I volunteered at Bloxwich junior parkrun, I helped to set up the course but ran away before the run started.
This morning I volunteered at Wednesfield junior parkrun, I handed out 13 finish tokens but ran away as soon as the tail walker finished.
This morning I ran a 5K race around East Park in Wolverhampton, I was not especially quick but I did leave with a massive frozen turkey.

This afternoon I did nothing.

I've not long got in from my ; and after 13 hours of careful consideration... I can't say I wholeheartedly approve of travelling 30 miles to Warwick Racecourse by public transport, during a rail strike and in Christmas Market Season.

Next week I'll be stopping much closer to home.

Official time 25:16

Had I been a second quicker I would have completed my stopwatch bingo. Oh well, maybe next week.

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Today I returned to Warwick Racecourse , my last and first visit was in October 2019 and I had forgotten just how tough the undulation was.

I ran my heart out, to finish in P90. I think my time should be around 25:30, a slight improvement from last time.

It is 5am and I have just bordered my first bus of the day.
Heading to Warwick Racecourse for a spot of tourism.

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I’m curious, how often does everyone go for a run? I’ll go first, lately I’ve been aiming for 2-3 times per week.

And if you’ve got something else or a specific plan you like, feel free to add it in the comments!

#running #run @runchat #runchat

I need to get back into the habit of having a long run on a Sunday evening, especially if I’m going to enter the Boston (UK) marathon in April.

Managed 6 miles in 62 minutes tonight, my longest run for several weeks.

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I've just done my first 5k in eleven days and it's so annoying how quickly jogging fitness disappears.

If anyone has any good indie running playlists, please share :)

#ParkRun #Jogging #Indie #Playlist

I Directed 36 runners (and 21 volunteers) this morning at Bloxwich it was sunny and cold, but entirely enjoyable.

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Well, my running buddy has cancelled on me, it's grey & grim & soggy out, and my knee and shin are both moaning at me to not bother... but I'm still doing my fourth #parkrun today. Why? Because none of those things are worse than missing out on the mental health benefits, the sense of pride and achievement, and the feeling of community that comes with running around a park with 400 other people. I'll #parklimp alone and soaking wet through if I have to! 💪🏃

My 15th, and slowest, East Park today, completed in 56’32 - now for the all important breakfast.


I hear might be hiring "Anyone who can actually write software" well here are my "most salient lines of code."

I imagine I'm safe. :D

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A small experiment ...
#allypallyparkrun still needs some marshals tomorrow (19th Nov) so if any #parkrunners see this and can help please get in touch at

For background I'm the Volunteer Coordinator (and Tail Walker) this week. 😀
#parkrun #parkrunuk

Tomorrow is day, and I'm heading to East Park parkrun to enjoy a nice breakfast at Hickmans Cafe, oh, and also to reprise my tail-walker role.

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I've just got in from work, it is dark, cold, and damp, do I really need to go back out just for a run?

Yes I do, because it is Thursday and I have a group relying upon my motivation, wit, and experience, to get them through their first parkrun in a couple of weeks time.

Besides, it might even be fun.

I've decided to try hosting my own mastodon instance, mostly just to see if I can.

If you are reading this it would seem I've been successful - at-least temporarily.

Thus concludes this metapost.


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